What is Website Availability: Everything You Need to Know

Interested in finding out what is a website availability? You have come to the right place! Discover the most important information you need to know!

What is Website Availability?

Many people are wondering what is website availability exactly? Website availability means that you can access a certain site by entering the site’s URL in the browser. Once the site’s URLS is entered, the website will show the content. Domain name create your Online Store

Website availability also refers to the uptime of a certain website. The uptime of the site usually is related to the uptime of the web server. So, in order for the website to be available, all of the web servers that provide the site’s functionality must perform.

The availability of the websites is expressed as a percentage. For example, you may read that a certain website was 99.97% available this month. The 0.03% when the site was not available comes to about 30 minutes when the website simply could not be reached by its users that month. In other words, this is called a 30 minutes downtime. Read more Domains

You’ll be surprised how important the downtime is. Whether or not the downtime was planned it can make a huge difference when it comes to website availability and customer satisfaction.

Which Factors Negatively Affect Website Availability?

There are a few factors that can negatively affect the website availability:

    • Server Failure – Your website depends on web servers, so if servers fail, that can negatively impact the website availability. In order to avoid server failure, make sure your company’s IT architecture has network monitoring software that can report immediately and inform you about a specific failed server. http://feedbacksecrets.com

  • Software Failure – The software failures can affect the website availability the most. If the operating system suddenly crashes and the server can’t function properly, it will comprise not only your web availability but your web reliability and performance as well.
  • Hardware Failure – The hardware failures are less common when compared to the software failures. However, they can occur and when they do it can include blown processors, crashed hard drives, corrupted network cards, and etc.

In order to avoid these failures which can negatively impact the website availability, you need a reliable hosting service provider that can offer you technical support 24/7. In case your website crashes, you’ll have an immediate support to fix the problem. Top 3 Features to Keep in Mind When Choosing Available Domain Names

Not only your website availability percentage will increase, but your users will be more satisfied as well.

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