How to Check URL Availability – Helpful Tips to Follow

If you are considering differing domain names, checking their availability is important! Follow our helpful tips and learn how to check URL availability!

If you are planning to create a new website, buying a domain name is one of the first things you need to do. However, before buying a certain domain, you need to check whether or not it is available. Is there a way to check this? Of course, there is! Learn about Hosting for Domains

How to Check URL Availability?

Checking the URL availability is easier than you probably think. There are online websites that are specialized for checking the URL availability. Find the best website and open the search box. All you need to do is to enter the URL name in the search box and the system will automatically check the URL availability and inform you whether or not it is taken or available.

If for example, the URL you want is taken, you can use an advanced search method and check the similar available URL names. Keep in mind that your URL should be unique and memorable so that your customers can remember it and associate the name with your company. Read more Domains for Sale

Helpful Tips to Follow when Checking the URL Availability

Here are few helpful tips you can use when checking the URL availability and looking for an available URL name:

  • Make sure to use simple and memorable keywords that describe your company, business, and brand the best – You need to keep in mind that the URL name is a reflection of your business’s name. Choose an URL name that describes your products and services you provide.
  •  Click Free Domains
  • Personalize the URL name by geography – Try and differentiate your URL name by geography. This way, your customer will now where to find you or where your company is based.
  • Search the secondary market to buy pre-registered URL names – You can check the secondary market where you can find a huge number of URL names that have been registered but are not currently in use.
  • Don’t use symbols – The URL name you are going to choose should be at least 2 characters long and it should not contain symbols.
  • Watch the expiration date – Don’t allow your URL name to expire and become available for others.

We hope that our helpful tips can help you find an available and suitable URL name for your website. What is Website Availability: Everything You Need to Know

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